Foursquare: 2007

Country: Barbados
Pot & Column Still Blend
Aging: 12 years, ex-bourbon casks
ABV: 59%
Bottled: March 2019
Outturn: 27,000

Another Foursquare review for you all. This is number 10 (X if you’re want to be all classical about it) in the Exceptional Cask Selection range. I’m all too aware that I’m late to the party. So much so that many of you will have had your first bottle, ordered a second (or third) and be deep into that with friends and family. All joking aside, this is so belated that the US has been able to try the 2008 for the last month – hopefully I’ll be a smidge more punctual when it reaches these shores.

Still, some (no one) might call me fashionably late (no they wouldn’t).

Presentation – Do we need to do this again? I may just put a placeholder for future ECS release – “Foursquare – see earlier.” It’s good, a classic design. I’m a LITTLE bit sad they don’t have artwork but I’m aware i’m almost definitely in the minority. There’s nothing to complain about certainly, it’s very informative.

Nose – Vanilla, coconut, coca-cola too bizarrely(!) – or maybe the skin of a fresh red apple. I’m struck by how light this is, very unlike Sagacity and Nobiliary, my two previous reviews from this distillery.

Palate – Oak up front, the burn threatens to overwhelm but subsides just at the right moment. Dark – like, 80%+ dark – chocolate and charred pecans to finish.

Finish – Medium length and savoury, very…more-ish. I keep catching myself smacking my lips afterwards to eke out that lovely bitter note. EDIT: You know what? It’s been 5 minutes and I can STILL taste that rum, only now that red apple flavour from the nose has turned up on my palate. Stuff it; I’m giving it an extra mark for the finish.

Notes – It’s Foursquare. If they’ve released a dud ECS, I’m yet to try it or read about it. You’re not going to go wrong here. My humble suggestion, if you’re just starting to explore rums (particularly if you’re not from a whisky background), would be to try this one or Sagacity over Nobiliary.

Scores on the door

Presentation – 5/5
Nose – 7/10
Taste – 18/20
Finish – 8/10
Value for money – 5/5
Total – 44/50

How the rating system works:
Its’ entirely arbitrary but I’ve weighted it towards the things that matter most to me when looking to buy a new bottle. Hence, the greater emphasis on taste say compared with presentation. Also, if the rum doesn’t benefit from dilution, there’ll be no “+ water” modifier on the review.

Author: Mr RumLondon

Doc by day (sometimes night), rum drinker by night (sometimes day). I'm a shift worker, not a lush. Other opinions are also available.

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