Purpose & Reason

I started this site a couple of years ago when I was relatively new to the rum scene. The whole point of it was to be a base for others starting a rum journey, taking inspiration from the likes of – well, you know who the leading lights are when it comes to this business. I imagined entertaining you (yes, you) with passionate reviews of all the rums I was going to try, build a reputation as someone who knew what they were talking about and maybe make some new friends with the same interest along the way.

Well, as with many things, life has gotten in the way. I’ve managed to keep my Instagram page going in fits and starts and, thanks to a few recent tasting events, Twitter has started to creep back in.

But what about the website? My HQ as it were.

Well, I’ve decided that I do want to put some more effort into this. But I suspect it will become more of a stream of consciousness project, the ramblings of my brain as I wind down on days off.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I’d better make a start on some posts, hadn’t I? What point a rum website with no rum reviews?!