Peppermocha cookies

It’s a new name, one I’ve coined (just now). It doesn’t really adequately describe the sheer amazing-ness of these crunchy, soft, salty, chocolate-y discs of joy.

The idea came about from my favourite Starbucks festive coffee of old – the Peppermint Mocha. How best to make an food version of this wintertime elixir?

Inspiration came in the form of a popular Italian biscuit called “Grisbì.” A quick spin on Google Translate tells me it stands for …Grisbì. If a mass produced cookie like this can taste so damn good, imagine the result of a lovingly home made version? But Christmassy to boot!

It’s an easy snack to prepare ahead of time and stick in the freezer for when the moment grabs you. Or, if you’re one of my siblings, when you bundle in at midnight after “just a couple” of pints down the local boozer.

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