Foursquare: Sagacity

Latest review: Sagacity from Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Enjoy!

Country: Barbados

Pot & Column Still Blend

Aging: 12 years

ABV: 48%

Review number 2! I’m a little late to the party with this particular one, seeing as how I’m on my second bottle of it…hopefully that’s an indication as to the direction of this review.

Foursquare is a distillery that is very well known to anyone who has started venturing beyond the supermarket aisles in their quest for quality rum. Based in Barbados, this powerhouse of a distillery has been responsible for some of the best expressions of unadulterated rum in the past few years. The Master Distiller, Richard Seale, is the fourth generation scion of RL Seale & Co, originally one of the country’s biggest rum bottlers and exporters. The company purchased a run down sugar factory (with buildings dating back to the 1700’s!) in 1995, renovated it with custom built stills made up with parts from Scotland, Italy (a country which Seale’s long time counterpart from Velier, Luca Gargano, hails from) and Barbados, producing their first rum in 1996.

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That Boutique-y Rum Company: Bellevue Distillery

Country: Guadeloupe

Traditional column still, Single distillery

Batch number: 1

Outturn: 413 bottles

I like this bit of the site. It gives me a chance to really dig into the history of the places producing these spirits and so appreciate the effort that goes into bringing the finished product to market.

So, Bellevue distillery, or Bellevue le Moule to give it it’s full name, is in Grand Terre, the eastern island which makes up half of the main archipelago of Guadeloupe in the Lesser Antilles (French Caribbean). Originally built in 1687, it was bought by the Damoiseau family in 1942 along with a shed-load of debt – this was paid off in 1986 with bulk rum sales and is still under the the same family (Herve being the current lead), who have released a number of Agricole expressions which I have not yet had the opportunity to try. Something for another day then. The distillery uses fresh sugar cane juice, so mainly an Agricole producer, on column stills but this has been made with molasses, so I’m expecting less of those grassy, vegetal notes.

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